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About Your Dog Bite Injury In Michigan — Monroe, Lambertville And The Surrounding Area

If you have suffered because of a dog attack, the most urgent matter at this time is not to blame the dog breed, the dog owner or even your own actions. The most important thing is to get the best medical care available to:

  • Monitor and prevent infection
  • Get the wounds repaired so as to reduce scarring as much as possible
  • Get surgery as needed to repair bones or tissue
  • Receive expert evaluation by plastic surgeons who may recommend reparative procedures for aesthetics now and/or in the future for the best outcome
  • Get psychological care to reduce the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome

A successful injury claim or lawsuit can bring a settlement or verdict to cover current and future medical bills, lost wage replacement and acknowledgement of your pain and suffering. Apex Legal Group, PLLC, is available to evaluate your case.

Negative Consequences Beyond The Bite Itself

Many people report that children and young women seem to suffer more socially than other population groups from scars and disfigurement after a dog bite injury. Stigma may, in turn, affect their school performance, career path and/or social opportunities. This may be true, but we also realize that men, women and children of all ages suffer from dog bites injuries and deserve fair compensation.

We may not understand all the reasons for increasing numbers and severity of dog bites, but insurers tell us that costs associated with them are on the increase in our region of the state and elsewhere.

Contact An Experienced, Accomplished Personal Injury Attorney Serving Monroe, Lambertville And Surrounding Communities

If our lawyers represent you, we will apply laws such as Michigan’s strict liability for dog owners to pursue the most favorable outcome attainable in your case. We pledge to work closely with you as we fight for your right to fair compensation. Nothing can give you back your life before the dog bite but a solid legal claim can put you on the road to recovery.

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