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Talk To A Lawyer About Your Traffic Violation

At Apex Legal Group, PLLC we are experienced in representing Michigan drivers and trucking companies in defending against traffic and trucking law violations. If you are a driver of a car or truck or a trucking company seeking to minimize penalties associated with your offense, our firm will aggressively defend you.

Without an attorney, you may end up facing more severe financial costs into the future. Your insurance premiums will increase and you may face fees, fines and the loss of license if you are charged with a serious driving offense. Contact us to learn how to protect your record and your rights.

When facing traffic violation charges, understand that the consequences can be severe. Without an experienced attorney, you may risk penalties that could include jail time. Our attorneys can seek to get your charges reduced or dismissed and minimize the penalties associated with your offense.

Do not risk the penalties associated with traffic charges. An experienced attorney can protect your rights, your license and reduce your charges. Our lawyers are experienced in defending drivers and companies against the following charges:

  • Trucking violations: defective equipment, loading violations, overweight, violations of federal trucking laws, logbook violations
  • Speeding tickets
  • Reckless driving
  • OWI/DUI : Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), drunk driving
  • License violations: driving on a suspended license, license revocation, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) issues
  • Felonious driving: manslaughter, allegations of vehicle as a weapon
  • License plate violations

Commercial Trucking Violations Lawyers

Our attorneys are experienced in defending truckers and the trucking companies where a driver is accused of violating state or federal trucking laws. If you are a truck driver, independent contractor or trucking company facing a trucking violation, we will aggressively fight to minimize fines and penalties.

We are experienced in representing truckers at the weigh station in Monroe County, traveling from Toledo to Detroit and Canadian drivers or companies. Our attorneys have experience representing individual truckers and trucking companies throughout Michigan and nationwide.

Contact us today to discuss your traffic violations and how we can help you. Call 734-240-5050.