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Criminal Law — Protecting Your Rights And Liberty


When facing criminal charges, your rights and your liberty are at risk. Many defendants do not realize that a case is being built against them even before an arrest is made or charges are brought. Whether you have been arrested, are seeking criminal defense for a family member, or believe that you are under investigation for a crime, our attorneys can provide proactive criminal defense.


We handle any of the following:

Drug Crimes
Our Michigan defense attorneys are experienced in handling all drug crime cases including trafficking, sale, possession, intent to sell, or distribution. We have handled cases involving marijuana, crack, cocaine, Vicodin, Oxycontin, heroin, and methamphetamine

OWI (DUI)/Drunk Driving
We are prepared to defend your driving privileges and your presumption of innocence after you have been charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.

Theft and Property Crimes
We handle theft or property crime cases from trespassing, retail fraud (shoplifting), malicious destruction of property (MDOP), larceny, burglary, robbery and armed robbery to home invasion.

Failure to Pay Child Support
Failure to pay child support is regularly prosecuted in Michigan. If you believe that you may face criminal charges for failure to pay child support, we can help you seek a modification now and avoid excessive fines, even jail time.

White-Collar Crimes
We handle simple to complex cases of white-collar crime including embezzlement, Internet crimes, credit card fraud, and business fraud.

Violent Crimes
We handle all violent crimes defense cases including assault and battery, domestic violence, assault with a weapon, abuse and neglect.

Sex Crimes and Internet Sex Crimes
We defend clients charged with sexual offenses including rape/criminal sexual conduct, Internet child porn, Internet solicitation, and stalking.

Juvenile Offenses
Juvenile crimes charges warrant an experienced juvenile defense attorney. Juveniles convicted of crimes and be sent to a juvenile detention center for a lengthy period of time-even one that would exceed the sentence for an adult. We handle cases such as underage drinking/MIP (Minor in Possession), trespassing, theft, fighting and other violent crimes, and sex crimes.

Traffic Violations
Do you think the best way to deal with your speeding ticket is to “just pay the fine” and get it over with? Before you go that route, please consult with a defense lawyer. Another traffic violation on your record could put your status as a good driver at risk. This could affect your insurance rates, your career and even your driving privileges if you have too many traffic tickets on record. Let us examine your situation and explain how we can defend you for your future’s sake.

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